Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Well, if you are here it is #1 because you are one of my co-workers in Texas, and have taken a REALLY long time to check out my blog, #2 you are a friend or family member that is checking up on me, or #3 you are someone that I have met recently and invited you to visit my blog to learn a little bit more about me and my very best friend, Jesus!
No matter which you are, or if you even stumbled upon this some other way...I am glad you are here, and I believe it is no accident.

I am Kelly Vossen, and those good looking people in the picture with me are my family My hunky-husband Todd, (aka...the man I keep following across the nation-wouldn't you?), my beautiful wonderful sweet daughter, Bree, and my sons Jake and Josh, who are just as charming as they are handsome.

Well, long story short, my family has been living in Port Clinton since August, but we moved from Texas and arrived in Ohio on June 1,2010. After quite a bit of elbow grease was applied to a storefront property with a couple apartments above it, we were able to call it home in August, and Lake Point Baptist Church began ministering to the people of Port Clinton.

We are still only having monthly "preview services" as we gather a core group of people and try to organize, and reach the community in between...sharing our vision with the sweet people God has brought together here. In April we will start meeting every week starting with our special "LAUNCH SERVICE" on Palm Sunday.

Just to let you know what we have been doing here...
We participated in a few community events and are involved in some ministries:


Community Clean Up
I think it was our first weekend here Todd and the boys participated in a community clean-up project at the park.


The Port Clinton Harvest Fest
We set up a table out front of the church, and the boys had a game for the kids to play and win candy, while we had a drawing for the grown-ups to try to win a family movie night basket, our Great Dane, Samson was a hit!


On Halloween
We put fliers on 2/3rds of the homes in Port Clinton's doors, and I made 150 homemade pumpkin doughnuts and hot cider for any trick or treater that came, we also had a drawing for a Nagoya gift certificate, and had candy and a game for the kids to play while they enjoyed their doughtnuts, and of course everyone left with the Gospel in their hand.


Good News Club
We have the privilege of holding a weekly Bible club for the Elementary children that we actually hold in the Middle School.

The Humane Society Cookie Walk
(we baked and donated cookies for their annual fundraiser, I love animals!)

Christmas Caroling
It was cold but we had a lot of fun as we went door to door and at Edgewood Manor Nursing Home.

Christmas Dinners

We also had the opportunity to bless 6 families with turkey dinners at Christmas along with the Wild Turkey Association.

The New Years Eve Walleye Drop

We were open all night and gave out 450 cups of hot cocoa, showed a movie called the Last Adam to around 60 people, and passed out 1500 tracts and invitations to our church.

Women's Bible Study

I am leading a womens Bible study in our home every week on Monday nights at 7pm, and Todd just started a mens breakfast and Bible Study in the lobby.
Call for details (419)734-2213, or just come!

Looking forward to finding new ways to meet the people of Port Clinton and get to know them! And you! Please continue to read my blog, you have to read the older posts for the rest of the story(and I think the best part!) and share it with others!

God Bless!

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