Thursday, September 29, 2011

180 The Movie

I heard a "pro-choice" argument today being made..."Just because your mother choose to have her 9th child, WITH HELP, and bring that child into the world who had a good life ... and believes that abortion is wrong... DOES NOT MEAN that her beliefs, your beliefs or anyone else's should FORCE someone else to follow your beliefs."

Let me try to understand this logic....

I believe that it is wrong to beat up old people, starve pets to death, to sexually abuse children, rape and murder my neighbor, steal cars at the mall, burn down houses with people sleeping inside, and kidnap other peoples children. Why is it ok to force these beliefs on others?

So should these beliefs be forced on others? There are people out there that think there are sometimes good reasons to do the above mentions acts....

A man who is addicted to meth-amphetamines, for example may believe it is perfectly reasonable to do some of the things on the list I believe are wrong, if it means it will help him get his fix. Should we force our beliefs on him? Should we not allow him to commit these acts since he believes they are right?

What about the guy who because he was abused when he was young believes it is ok to kidnap children and rape them? Is it wrong to force our beliefs on him? Or should we allow him to go on doing what he feel is right?

The whole thing about society is that we as a whole determine what should or should not be allowed according to what we deem moral as a society. That is how we establish laws. And we must ask do we decide what is morally wrong and should be against the law? Where do we get the standard of moral/immoral, what should be lawful and what should be unlawful?

We do not have to think long or hard to come to the truth of that, do we? We all know that the law was given to us by God. Most of us know that the 10 Commandments are the basis for modern day laws. The problem is, we only want to follow the laws or force them on others when it benefits us in the moment. Do not kill only sounds like a good law most of the time, but when it messes up MY plans I think it should be "Do not kill unless..." "Do not steal unless..." "Honor your parents unless..."

The problem here is somewhere we were convinced that it was ok to murder children if they are in the other side of our skin. I am the same person inside a room as I am outside. A baby is a baby whether it is inside or outside the mother. Who decided that? Who decides that at on July 8th 1995 at 10:06 am it was legal for my doctor to kill my son Jake, but one minute later, at 10:07 am it would be murder? And the only difference was a few inches and one minute. Aren't they the same thing?

What if we don't speak up? What if we continue to be silent about abortion? What if we do what we believe is right and let the rest of the world do what they believe is right for them? What is the worst thing that could happen? Remember the Holocaust?

I recently watched a 33 minute long documentary made by Living Waters called "180 The Movie". This movie has the potential to save countless innocent lives from being slaughtered. I am asking the world to watch the movie. Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. Let's make a difference and get this movie seen! It is well made and asks the right questions, the ones we all should be asking and answering.

There are some people who have decided to speak, lets help their voice be heard.

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