Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is NOT a New Years Resolution!

res·o·lu·tion    (noun)

the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.

the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.

resolve, determination, perseverance, tenacity; strength, fortitude.


to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)

Wow! After reading that, it almost feels un-American, or even un-Christian to not have a New Years Resolution! But I have to say I have never been a fan of the "New Years Resolution". In itself I think it is a great idea, there is something about starting at the beginning when trying to implement change. For example, everyone knows what day of the week is the very best day to start a new diet right?!
And survey says....."Monday".

Even if today is Tuesday, and that means I will gain 5 more pounds as I binge the the rest of the week away eating all those goodies I won't be able to have once Monday gets here!

Okay, so why do I translate "New Years Resolution" into "setting yourself up for failure"? or "Goal that you will never hit"? It only makes perfect sense that if there are some thing in my life that over reflection I see there needs to be change, what better time than the start of a new year???

Maybe it is because the usual context in which I hear the term sounds more like an opening line of a
late night talk show host monologue,
than a definite earnest decision about anything! It seems like no one really takes a New Years Resolution seriously, not the one who is resolving, and not the ones counting down the days till you break your so-called resolution. It is almost as though the mere fact that it is a resolution made at the beginning of January means we really don't intend to follow through.

But we do tend to look back over the past year as the calendar comes to a close, and we reflect on some good memories, maybe some positive strides we made whether it be personally, professionally, or yes even spiritually. But if you are like me when I am evaluating the last year I yes of course look at all God's blessings over the past 12 months, and how different it looks that the 12 months before that...and I do thank Him for all He has done. But that leads me to some circumspect thoughts, some serious self-evaluation. And then I get honest. When it comes down to it, I see that I have fallen way short in my service to Him, in many areas of my life.
My personal Bible devotions, memorizing scripture, witnessing to the lost, my prayer-life, the way I love and respect my husband, the way I treat my children, reaching out to others in the community, spending time with my extended family...the list goes on and on.

I know there needs to be change in these areas, I need to improve all of them in ways that will honor the Lord and improve my life and my relationships, but I am afraid to say it is a New Years resolution... How about I say it like this?

This year I am resolved to read my Bible
, to pray in a
more intimate and worshipful
way to the great Creator God who
loves me more than I can even imagine,

to tell my
momma I love her
with more than just words, to show grace to my sons when they are just being
teen-age boys.
In 2012 I do resolve to love and respect the man God gave me as the perfect husband for me, looking for ways to bless him as only I can.
I WILL tell more people about Jesus and the free gift of ETERNAL LIFE that is just waiting for them, if only they would ask.
I am resolved to look for more ways to
love people around me for Jesus,
through actions.

This is NOT a New Years Resolution.

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