Monday, April 23, 2012

God's Word First

Today a fellow-blogger issued a challenge, and I want to share it with my readers! The challenge is to commit to reading ONE MINUTE of the Word of God before reading any other thing. Before checking your email, Facebook, twitter, the news etc... Sounds like too small a number? Well the idea is, that at the end of 60 seconds you will continue to read...but the point is, God's Word FIRST! So it dawned on me, the first thing I read typically is my email. And how often that takes me to coupon sites, great blogs, and whatnot....then the next thing you know I have piddled away my morning on who knows what? Then lets rush through my time in the word, (if I even get to it) So it goes with out saying, I am thankful for the reminder to put Him and His Word first! So the challenge is out there for you now.... Hope you'll take it! I'm in! To read Courtney's post and check out her blog and her other weekly challenges, visit her blog.